June 5th, 2011

Cabinets! Cabinets! Cabinets!

Kitchen has been gutted!  New cabinets are in!  There have been a few issues but I am so excited to have a new kitchen that I am trying not to let those phase me. :)

Here are a few shots of the new cabinets.  We decided to keep clean lines by keeping the cabinet face simple and minimize the number of upper cabinets in order to highlight the architecture of the space…which is decidedly unique.

June 2nd, 2011

Learning to Love the Neighborhood Restaurants

The kitchen is well underway!  Cabinets are ripped out, electrical wire and plumbing pipes are laid!  We are starting with a blank canvas.

New stairs for the mezzanine dining area.  Pushing the stairs back enabled us to redirect the entry to the kitchen, allowing for about 8’ more counter space!

Box Castle of NEW Cabinets

Cabinet photos to follow! :)

May 3rd, 2011

Kitchen Designs

The kitchen design has been narrowed down and we begin construction the week of May 16th!!!

Existing Kitchen:

Here are a few sketches (please excuse my train scribble…it’s where I do my best thinking):

A new beverage station for coffee, tea and wine:

A new wall of pullout pantry drawers with the mezzanine dining above and new upper cabinets with a new range hood for a our new bad-ass duel fuel range:

The new kitchen plan…entry has been relocated to gain more counter space, pull out pantry cabinets have been added underneath the mezzanine, all new cabinets and countertop, new flooring and banquette seating in the mezzanine:

Banquette Design…without the cushions drawn in:

Here are the finishes we have selected thus far:

Cabinet sample just represents color, we went with a flat panel for a clean look, countertop is Sqwak Mountain Stone, which is a paper, fiber and concrete composite in a teal kind of color, the red paint represents the hood surround and our small appliances (everyone should have a splash of color!), the dark teal paint represents the baseboard of the cabinets and a few select accents around the millwork, and the round circles represent the chalkboard paint we selected for recipes and to-do lists, and the floor will remain:

SO excited for the kitchen to be completed!

Drapes and Lights…Oh My!

So we are making progress…(what feels like) slowly but surely…

The drapes in the bedroom are not completely done…I need to put my new grommet setting toy to work! (Please excuse the mess, I can only get away with it because Sam isn’t here…)

Let there be light!!!  The electrician was here this morning to install the living room sconces, outlets/switches, and the coolest ceiling fan ever!

Kitchen Designs to come!

April 24th, 2011

A touch of color

Our contractor is away in Ireland on a family trip for the next 3 weeks, so we took the opportunity to eat into the lead time for the new kitchen cabinets - updates with some concept sketches to come…

In the meantime though we got in touch with an old acquaintance of ours to help fill the gap while our GC is out.

Enter Ray.

Ray “no games” painter is the man for your job if you got a whole load of painting to do and not a lot of budget. He’s professional, timely and has a great discount setup at Sherwin Williams… just make sure you don’t have carpet down already and you’re free for hourly updates.

Ray came in over the last 72 hours and whirlwinded our living room into the palette we chose. We went classic and classy with this one - picking from the heritage throwback colors - we had to work with some of the furnishings we already had and the inspiration worked wonders. We’re really pleased with the look, just the ceiling remaining to be done in the pictures below…

Decorous Amber (don’t you know…) in the window recess and the library corner framed with Crewel Tan on the exterior and Curio Grey wrapping on the dividing wall.

Purpose built nook for reclaimed vintage treasure… check…

Can you smell the faint whiff of rich mahogany?

Phase Two!

I know it has been a while since we updated…So much has changed!  The master suite is 98% finished!  We hope to be moving into our brand new suite as soon as we put up the finishing touches like drapes.  We don’t need to show the neighbors our good bits.  

We have just kept on trucking, moving the work upstairs.

About two and a half weeks ago our living room looked similar to this…covered in more dust though:

Demo…Commence:  (‘I think there was a firepit here…’)

Knocked a hole in the wall to fit our sofa into…which must stay covered until the drywall goes up to keep the creatures out:

Framing the wall for the new den:

Peep through the fire place:

Drywall going up!  A much cleaner looking ceiling (not so Swiss Mountain Chalet)

Sofa nook with drywall…cats lose their fort in the wall:

The drywall and demo crews worked so quickly that we rapidly moved on to finishing the living room and our 4 newly crafted living spaces out of the one monstrous one have taken shape. Color next…

April 1st, 2011

Finishing Touches

A little preview to the painter’s job. 

AND THE WALLPAPER IS UP!!!  It is a little busier than we expected, but I LOVE IT!!!

We are so close to the finish line!  Plumbing fixtures are in…electric is going in today…pictures will follow shortly!

March 25th, 2011

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

The master suite has reached the beginning of the end!  Yay!  :)

The painter started his prep work today, they are currently busy patching and sanding away!  As the painter finishes the bathroom we can begin to install the plumbing and electrical fixtures and adding the finishing touches (the fun part!).  I am hoping we can actually move in down stairs in two weeks.  Finally no more cardboard box closets!  That puts us at about 8 weeks from the first hammer swing…I think, for construction standards, that is pretty good!

Then we are on to the upstairs!  We begin with the living room, carving out a media den and library and move to the kitchen and mezzanine dining area.  We are meeting with a kitchen designer on Saturday to discuss our options. We have the kitchen laid out to how I think we would like to use it, but because I have never designed a kitchen before I want to learn about what fun cabinet options we have! So excited about that!  I can see kitchen design in my future!

It makes me giddy thinking about how much progress we have made in the past 6 weeks.  It is really turning into a home we can be proud to live in.



We had a couple extra hands while my brother was here and as every good big sister would, I put him to work! :)

Sam and Scott decided to start the demolition upstairs and took on the Hugh Hefner Ski Lodge Fire Pit.  It has been such an eye sore in our lovely ball room of a living room.  Sam and I knew we were taking it down from day one…It also became necessary as we learned it is just sitting on the bearing wall below with no support on either side.  The brick is cracking down the center as if it is about to fall through the floor…yes, time to take it out.

Prepping the Area:

Figuring Out Exactly What We’re Dealing With…Layer of Brass, Layer of Steel:

Men at Work:

Just a Stump!

Fresh Eyes

We had to take a little hiatus on the construction to have new windows installed.  We weren’t planning on putting all the new windows in at this point in the project but with the broken window from the blizzard and having to replace the window in the shower room, we thought we might as well.

I didn’t think I could form strong feelings towards windows, but they are so fabulous!  It really freshens up the space!  It is also pretty nice to have functional, non-drafty windows.